How to successfully operate fruit shop

fruit is very popular delicacy in the market, if you want to invest in dried fruit stores then to learn about wealth of knowledge, small sums up some successful experience can hope to inspire you, for the public investors, can not miss the opportunity to learn.

1: open dried fruit shop is to serve the community and the existence of the service is the return of profits. If you do not get a profit, that the service to the community is not enough, therefore, as long as the service is perfect, there will be profits.

2: don’t keep staring at customers. Empathy, if we are customers, have been staring at people, how will feel. To let customers at ease around, otherwise the customer will be at a distance.

3: the fruit store was not much, but to the business is good, and a little shop is to select the location competition. But also can provide our customers love and ensure the quality of dry cargo.

4: in order to natural dry cargo arrangement, classification put away, not only let the customer feel dry cargo rich, can also be free to choose. This shop will often have customers come.

5: dried fruit shop management process, but also pay attention to is, sometimes get out of stock, is equivalent to neglect the customer. Is the shop wrong negligence, should apologize. And said "we will send to you as soon as possible". Remember to leave the customer’s address. The following remedial action is taken for granted, but the shops that ignore it are surprisingly large. Whether the accumulation of such efforts on weekdays, will result in a huge gap in operating results.

fruit store is very popular in the market, but no gold project will require careful management businesses to get a good profit, if you are interested in this topic are welcome to continue to pay attention to this information, Xiao Bian will not regularly share experiences.

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