The 3 golden stage of female entrepreneurship

modern urban women have the pursuit of their own career determination and perseverance, in order to fight for their own position, but also for their own future, so that the majority of women really hold up half the sky. Female entrepreneurs are the most suitable for the 3 golden period, you caught it?

the first entrepreneurship for age: 25. For most people, about 22 years old, graduated from college, until the age of 25, accumulated a little bit of experience, basically know what they want. Then, this age is full of passion, fearless courage, suitable for entrepreneurship. Anyway, nothing to lose.

second for entrepreneurial age: 35. This age generally have a certain amount of work, or senior earners, or small achievements, there are many aspects of the foundation, you can let go of entrepreneurship. The age of the most entrepreneurial impulse, relatives and friends are often encouraged in the ear. But even in this age of entrepreneurship is not, after three or four years of 119 years old, working in the golden age, can also go back to work.

third for entrepreneurial age: 45. This time to go to business, can be described as the bite a lot of times. But at this age, entrepreneurs will not have much leeway, can not afford to lose. At this age to start, rely more on their first half of the resources and contacts.

25 years old on passion, 35 years old by the accumulation, by the age of 45 people, it is the three most suitable for business age. Of course, this is not absolute, but relatively common.


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