Qin Yun opened a noodle shop to send money to buy Porsche

anything can happen in this world, you know the old saying: everything is possible! Take business, some people may just think, some people may start to give up half way, but more people will always choose to adhere to it, the ultimate success of today is about an uncle, he opened a noodle shop by selling noodles, already bought Porsche!

2014 outside the spotlight in May 30th, CCTV "seventh" the tongue 2 Episode aired, as the only point shooting Chongqing small noodles, the old woman booth face has 2 minutes of footage, a seasoning, pick noodles…… Second days, Qin Yun meng. Film "

and the radiant compared to past life Qin Yun is a bit dull, family poverty, poor school, junior high school into the society after graduation. No experience of Qin Yunxian’s "merchant" buy pig lung stewed pig tongue back to Monument for Liberation yanggou every night for second days, carrying a backpack, left hand steelyard, dustpan, street. After doing the "shopkeeper", in the construction of Jiulongpo factory gate 3 put up a shed, put a few of the table selling Hot pot.

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