How to decorate the car beauty shop

car beauty shop now more and more brands appear in our lives, if you open a car beauty shop, how to decorate it? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

1. storefront infrastructure

how to decorate car beauty shop? Taking into account the characteristics of the car beauty shop, car wash is the most basic project, so investors in the decoration, car beauty shop to pay particular attention to the design of water and electricity lines and lifting arrangement. The water tap, mainly installed in the way can also be installed, washing machine special tap (fast joint), because with a lot of towels and bath towels, scrubbing tools every day, washing machine can timely and efficient cleaning and timely replacement. Drainage, washing and beauty of the car sewage directly into the sewer, avoid the car wash after the water flow to the front of the store, seriously affecting the automotive beauty stores image, owners drove away will also let the beauty of the car had just finished vehicles left on the mud.

2. customer lounge area

how to decorate car beauty shop? Automotive beauty shop decoration layout, must design the customer Rest Area, in the pursuit of maximizing the station car beauty at the same time, set the customer Rest Area for customers, no customer Rest Area automotive beauty franchise is difficult to attract high-end customers to the store consumption. In addition to the customer to set aside a comfortable rest area, investors can also do some automotive beauty products display sales, to highlight the professional automotive beauty shop atmosphere, can also increase the income of car beauty shop, the most important thing is to let the customer feel is in the enjoyment of services.

3. store overall decoration color

car beauty shop decoration color collocation is no need to exaggerate personality, but at least it can make most feel comfortable. How to decorate the car beauty shop? Automotive beauty stores in the environment of the color space in the quality of light, presented to the owners of a colorful world of comfort. Investors should be very shadow color system, color system, color system in three aspects, because the reasonable use of color, can heighten the atmosphere, people’s psychological infection.

4. lighting design reasonable

car beauty shop design is not the main purpose of lighting, lighting, but in order to allow the car to stop in the shop more beautiful, car paint shiny effect is more obvious. General car beauty shop to lift the dome light, evenly covered the entire construction workshop above, in the automotive beauty items can also be designed on the shelves of some lighting or color, to create a sense of beauty. In this way, whether in the automotive beauty station, or in the customer rest area, the correct use of lights can effectively increase customer satisfaction, to the owners to leave a professional high-end impression, so that customers again