Little dragon hot pot is how much

we all know that apart from the Chongqing hot pot, the most famous hot pot city is Chengdu. The Chengdu hot pot brand also has a lot of items that are popular with consumers, there is a higher degree of visibility I have to recommend today’s small dragon hot pot. What about the little dragon hot pot? Look at the following details.

Xiaolongkan is committed to provide consumers with authentic old Chengdu Hot pot, spicy and delicious, has been introduced by the lead a person to endless aftertastes, consumer enthusiasm. After years of development, now has the old Xiaolongkan Hot pot in the country to expand the number of stores, stores are hot, if you also want to open a Hot pot stores, if you want to have your stores Everfount consumers, then try Xiaolongkan old

Hot pot Oh!

small dragon old hot pot join fee is how much?

little dragon hot pot investment quota

join the level of the provincial center of the municipal franchise stores

shop area of 600 square meters with 450 square meters and 250 square meters

join fee 200 thousand yuan 150 thousand yuan 120 thousand yuan

margin 30 thousand yuan 20 thousand yuan 20 thousand yuan

rent costs 96 thousand yuan / month, 54 thousand yuan / month, 15 thousand yuan / month

decoration costs 800 yuan / square meters to 700 yuan / square meters to 600 yuan / square meters

equipment cost 150 thousand yuan 110 thousand yuan 80 thousand yuan

raw materials 30 thousand yuan 20 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan

advertising costs 7000 yuan 6000 yuan 5000 yuan

opening costs 4000 yuan 3000 yuan 2000 yuan

staff wages 2500 yuan / month / person (15) $2000 / month / person (12) $1500 / month / person (8)

utilities charges 7000 yuan / month 5000 yuan / month 3000 yuan / month

liquidity 400 thousand yuan 230 thousand yuan 80 thousand yuan

total investment costs 1 million 441 thousand and 500 yuan 937 thousand yuan 497 thousand yuan

the above investment cost is estimated, may be different from the actual situation

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