What factors should be considered in the location of pizza franchise

fashion pizza shop more and more common, very popular with consumers, so many businesses are eager to join the ranks of entrepreneurs to seize market share. Pizza stores choose Dianzhi how? Many businesses do not know how to investigate what factors, small series to teach you.

A, clear your pizza franchise store direction. First you have to clear their pizza style, stylish, economical and practical type belongs to or high-end consumer.

two, determination of traffic. Traffic is the guarantee of turnover, there are few clothing stores rely on one or two old customers to survive. Before choosing a store, you can use a simple method to determine the flow of the optional store. If there is similar to the size of the clothing store, observe its average daily traffic, so as to provide their own reference.

Three, transportation and storage:

four, security issues. Store choice should also take into account the safety, such as block security situation, store fire, etc..

five, considering the competing relationship. Competition is inevitable in the course of business, there is absolutely no competition location is difficult to find. Generally can not take the initiative of the business is to rationally consider similar competition.

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