Domain name has been stolen overseas 3 letter domain brutally evil

news August 16th, foreign media news, recently on the field of overseas domain once again came 3 more valuable stolen stolen 3 letter domain name, the domain name is, and, black is currently trying to sell domain, it caused the concern. domain name domain name registered in 1997, a brief note, and time value, become black steal target, domain name is now seeking to sell channel 3 letter domain name was registered in 1995, has 16 years of registration time, domain name is registered in 2002, has 8 years of history of the two currently registered, 3 letters the domain name in overseas domain name service provider on the Godaddy platform.


it is understood, Godaddy appears the theft is not the case, prior to May, 6 on the platform of Godaddy three,, initial domain name:,,, by the "black hand" after, after trying to sell stolen. And earlier, in 2010 October, domestic investors registered domain name "QC" contains four initials in the GoDaddy domain by hand tampering with the data, modify the data over the same period was another two domain name.

industry insiders believe that the domain name is equivalent to personal property, money can not neglect disposal, not all foreign domain name registration platform has guaranteed, with the accumulation of vulnerability, the future may also appear more disadvantages, therefore, choose a security domain name service platform is particularly important.

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