Do not easily believe that any e-mail fake Baidu union mail increase

recently received a claim to be the Baidu alliance, the e-mail address: [email protected] Content is probably recommended a.CN site navigation, saying how it is so good, the message body is red + bold black, the layout is very rough ugly.

I would like to do a lot of Baidu alliance webmaster friends must have received this "Declaration" e-mail.

this is not the style of Baidu Union, Baidu alliance will not be bored to this point, a look is forged Baidu union spam.

later Baidu alliance issued a statement on May 19, 2010, revealed the matter, and stressed: "after investigation, the e-mail address and the content is fake, please do not believe the recipient email content".

OK, now, revealing camouflage mail scam


today personally set up mail server, the use of Outlook Express and local area network mail server, Internet users to send any e-mail address masquerading as an e-mail address.

technical parameters omitted, not within the scope of this discussion.

here to borrow a foreign domain name "" (the domain name has been GFW), the e-mail address is set to "", in fact, this e-mail address is not exist.

this is a fake e-mail, e-mail address is virtual, you can disguise any e-mail address to send e-mail. In this paper, the fake e-mail address to "[email protected]" as an example, of course, you can also change to "[email protected]", whatever you.

The following

through WEB login and check the camouflage mail, as shown in figure


NetEase 126 mailbox to receive fake e-mail



QQ mailbox mail camouflage

QQ mailbox will recognize that this is a fake e-mail, and save it in the "trash", and NetEase mailbox is indifferent, as usual into the inbox. Thus, QQ email anti spam strategies than NetEase email a stroke above "standing on the shoulders of giants," the Tencent tasted the sweetness, ha ha.

Internet has brought us convenience, but also brought fraud, fraud everywhere. With the proliferation of spam and spam, the Internet has become increasingly insecure and unreliable.

has a "" site that also provides an online service to send fake messages. You can disguise the sender’s address as any e-mail address you want, but now it seems to be GF>

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