How to strengthen the regional tourism website

small and medium-sized regional tourism sites, countless, and new sites are increasing, the site is a very easy thing, but the site bigger and stronger, but only a few people can do. How do travel website will be successful? Hunan tourism service network, the station soon, but the good momentum of development, from our experience and through some misunderstanding, after analyzing the following points are very important:

1, positioning: to create a value for customers travel website [Hunan tourism service network Hunan’s most professional travel service information platform]

tourism website construction, no doubt, is to provide customers with convenient and affordable tourism products. In the customer browsing your site, whether in your website booking travel products, is the site builders really want to pay attention to the place. A good travel website is a website to provide value for customers, is not anxious to promote the customers to use your website after website is sure to remember, but also the site passed to relatives and friends around him.

features: 2, to describe their focus and characteristics of tourism website

website before

Baidu is characterized by search, sina is characterized by information, Tencent is characterized by timely communication, Taobao is characterized by shopping. A website must have its own characteristics. Characteristics will have an advantage, it will be valuable.

3, foundation: do travel website must pay attention to details, in order to fine win

to do a travel website can not be successful, details are the key. A website that has the right strategy, the right way, the right leaders, but not necessarily successful. The key depends on the details, whether to do bit. A mistake in the text information, a picture is not appropriate, an application process can not open, a page layout is not neat or not harmonious, a function is not easy to use, will affect the customer’s use, or even the mood of the consumer. Therefore, the details of the site is the key to winning.

4, survival: survival is always the first, and then consider the site’s ranking

after the completion of a travel site, the first to survive. Most of the people, made after the website that will be accomplished, continue to do the promotion, to improve Alexa ranking, to attract more people to visit. Think so, they can get the favor of customers, they can take out the money from the customer’s pocket. Such as operation, advertising can only earn poor. A website, in the early days, most of the profit is still a clear point, to seize the profit point, do not relax. For the first profit, Mr. deposit, and then seek development.

5, development: must long-term persistence and concentration;

the scale of a tourism website is not a day of cold, be sure to adhere to and focus on long-term. The key to success is perseverance, I think this is all known. Here, I would like to talk about is the focus. Focus on doing our services, do our features, do our products. >

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