Broadband wide price, narrow speed

recently, the people’s network launched "how do you see China’s broadband service" survey, the result is that 90% of users dissatisfied with broadband services. A user of this typical conclusion is that the high price, slow speed, poor service, hurt is the people." China’s current broadband, wide price, narrow speed, it is intolerable. From the survey of the people can also be seen, the high cost of Internet access, the gap around the big and slow speed, bandwidth bottlenecks are two kinds of public opinion comparison.

we know that a few days ago, the international information technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) released a global broadband report, the top 30 countries and regions in china. With this news, the domestic network operation and poor service topic back to the public eye. I had to talk about the old growth and is not the result of the topic is not interested, but recently, I think Qingdao local broadband speed so that I can not endure, not to complain again, say, complaints, because Internet and media have never stopped on the broadband service providers have criticized, but always turn a deaf ear to, and codified and by limiting the router to share Internet access and the launch of new products and packages etc., constantly from the user’s pocket to pay money, let a person can’t stand.

today only a few questions:

1, the cost is high, the development of charges, there is no supervision, there is no hearing?

2, slow, unstable operation of the service quality, there is no relevant departments to give the number, speed detection, 512K/1M/2M/3M/ fiber, the service provider is never saying, who do the proof. It provides services in real time the Maoni, government departments at all times over


service providers off the net losses to consumers how to identify and claim? Such as a news today, said that the users due to network problems (Suman) caused by stock market losses, investors to the Great Wall broadband service providers claim, but was rejected.


broadband service providers to advertise for the purpose of forcing users to install the "vent" and other similar software, how to treat and deal? There are a lot of people directly called "vent" rogue ", it is said that in some areas cannot be shielded, always start the browser hijacking.

5, Netcom, telecom, China Tietong communication problems.

6, on the phone to install broadband, telephone cost 18 yuan to pay. Can be done when you need to do the service, you need to install a fixed telephone calls, broadband broadband only need to do it?

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