How to let users trust your site

The purpose of the

site is to allow the audience to conduct behavior through the platform, this behavior is often displayed in the browser to read, and even through the website for consultation and consumption. Thus, the purpose of your site is very large, we should not overlook the importance of user experience, to make the site better show to the user eyeball, must allow users to gradually trust your site, improve the visibility of the enterprise website, let consumer increasingly believe that the site, which directly affect the user’s consumption. Therefore, the use of the website must also improve the user’s trust, how to let the user wake up your website? I also after many aspects of research and research, summed up the experience as follows:

1, open web speed

web page loading speed is very important for the search engines, because the direct impact to the user to browse through the web page loading speed is more and more slow to test the patience of the user, but the facts have proved that the user’s patience is not very good, therefore should pay attention to the page loading speed, allowing users to more quickly open the page, browse value the information in the web page. How to improve web page loading speed, and as many webmaster friends anxiety problems, in fact, do not have to worry too much, for non professionals can be improved by many tools such as Baidu webmaster tools, Firefox, these can be of practical use, simple and quick, quickly and skillfully use. In fact, the most important factor affecting the page loading speed is the server, so the server must be selected through a variety of evaluation, the selection of high quality.

2, the authority of the record information

is currently the major search engines to gradually promote the record information to show the search results page, which directly affects the user click behavior, many sites have this effect, directly affect the company or enterprise image. Especially those with personal information for the record "company", the personal information record directly to display the search results page, allowing users to directly create a sense of trust, which affects the user click behavior, which leads to the value of the site itself is less and less, not fast will become the enterprise brand / website. For the user’s sense of trust is very important, on the web site of the record information must be complete, and specific. So that the search engine results page is no longer show personal record, but public institutions filing or enterprise filing more authoritative, more rigorous.

3, reasonable web design

web design is first to show direct sensory users to enter the site, directly affect the degree of user browsing websites, the significance lies in the mutual information between the user and the enterprise, if the web page design does not meet the user’s senses, will let users first time conflict, so as to leave ", not to mention the interaction to generate information, allowing users to obtain useful and valuable information through the web, let alone product exposure to eyeballs. So web design is very important

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