Second shot plans to pay online watch function founder Han Kun confirmed the news is true

up to now, both at home and abroad have not paid a short video watch precedent.


technology founder, founder and CEO of the second shot HanKun confirmed to krypton 36, second line plan pay per view function, is currently in the preparatory stage. But Han Kun did not disclose specific details, such as the rules and scope of charges.

seconds to open the era of payment, the creators is a good news, because it means that the future of short video content can be realized directly. As for the second shot itself, paid to watch in addition to help the platform to enhance the attractiveness of the creators, but also a new product realization path.

it is understood that the current advertising is one of the main profit model second shot. In addition to the traditional rigid Guangwai, the second is for advertisers to provide customized services and advertising into soft wide. Even the platform will be combined with a vertical field of production team, and then on behalf of them and the brand side asking price. Han Kun said in an interview with the media, the advantage of the short video is that the production cycle is short, so advertisers can send short video ads to ensure timeliness of information, and flexible changes in the market. In addition, due to the back of sina and the public, the second shot also use their own traffic and resource advantages to provide integrated marketing services.

news last month, the second shot of the company’s valuation of about $2 billion, will be completed in the fourth quarter of this year, a new round of financing, and listed in the next three years. If the news is true, then the technology is now facing the realization of pressure. According to open business information, science and technology in 2015 the total revenue of 10 million 670 thousand yuan, a loss of $113 million. Although this year a live reward income, but it seems that a technology is preparing a more dazzling transcripts.

Han Kun has repeatedly said he wanted to beat the second hit the Chinese Youtube, and Youtube was able to become an overseas network red base, the core reason is the introduction of a lot of creators to support the policy. According to 36 krypton reported previously, the creator can share in the Youtube 55% of advertising revenue, while the acquisition of digital marketing company FameBit to improve docking mechanism and brand sponsorship of the red net.

, however, up to now, there is no short video watch at home and abroad to pay a precedent. The second domestic competing products quickly and beat the United States, according to industry sources, the former depends on the first large user level through live rewards earned good income; and the second user scale similar to beat the United States, Mito said product is now the main profit channel is pushing the props system in June this year.

so, the second shot can pay how to play? Bold guess, this year the prevalence of knowledge pay is optional one direction, after all, knowledge has not been short video is Himalaya FM, and the logic of thinking, known in their scramble site. However, it seems that the payment of knowledge and the second shot of the platform tone is not very consistent – all the time

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