Biography 360 will be the integration of business or layoffs insiders said the nternet business adj

sina science and technology news on August 18th evening news, sources said, 360 after the end of the privatization of large-scale business is being carried out on a variety of non core business streamline. In this regard, 360 insiders on Sina Technology, said the Internet business changes too fast, business adjustment is a normal behavior.

news, 360 will have been put into a period of time, but the results are not very difficult to make money or difficult to streamline the business or even cut directly, such as the 360 team has been integrated into the other teams. The various departments in the search business and mobile application integration, each team is to adjust the hardest hit, may also be related to layoffs in the integration process.

fact, Zhou Hongyi recently held in China Internet security conference has talked about the business spin off and integration. Zhou Hongyi said that 360 of the $10 billion has been a plate, large enterprises, and now to think about how to keep entrepreneurial vitality. After the split the business integration, many businesses will have a sense of crisis, the team will have a stronger fighting force, and not on the 360 eat. (Ding Zhuang)

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