IQ matters but to what extent?

first_img”In a very real sense, we have two minds,one that thinks and one that feels”.-Daniel GolemanIntelligence can be measure in many ways. One of the most common and conventional methods to measure is through an IQ test. IQ stands for intelligence quotient. It measures a person’s ability to measure intelligence functions like logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, pattern recognition, and verbal concepts.IQ tests are being around for a long time. Probably IQ scores can help predict a person’s academic achievements and success. These scores can help know a student his strengths and weaknesses in a particular area that conclusively adds to his growth. Many schools and companies hire for different positions based on these IQ tests. These tests can predict how well a person will do in a distinct field or situation, such as problem-solving or abstract thinking. But is it enough to prove one’s worth?Well, there is more to the story. A person scores 150 in an IQ test, which is considered a high IQ score. But does his score means he has destined for a life of accomplishments and achievements, or will it guarantee success?If yes, then think again.These tests that attempt to measure IQ fail to account for the human mind’s complexity. It abandons to recognize a persons creativity, practical intelligence, ability to perceive and express emotions.So what completes human intelligence? What is that one piece missing from the puzzle? The answer lies in Emotional Intelligence.According to the world economic forum’s future jobs report, emotional intelligence will be one of the top ten employment skills in the coming years.Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and positively control your emotions to help communicate better, coordinate well with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflicts. It has many dimensions like empathy, self-awareness, motivation, and managing relations that matter for success. Emotional intelligence helps you understand how well do you manage yourself? Can you work towards your goal despite obstacles? How well can you adapt to the changing environment? Can you be a good team member? Do you give up too soon? Do you have a positive or a negative outlook towards your goals and life? Emotional intelligence can act as a differentiator. If two people are equally competent, with a phenomenal background, and if you want to know who will be more successful, well put them into emotional intelligence tests. The one with high emotional intelligence will likely have more chances to succeed in life. Individuals with high emotional intelligence can speak to the other person’s soul and ultimately influence their behavior and decisions. They can relate to people on a deeper level.I believe that Emotional Intelligence is one of the most under-valued and neglected skills in human history. Rather than learning an ability to control our emotions, we tend to ignore them. But the good news is that it can still be discovered and upgraded at any point in life.It is always said that human beings are the most challenging creatures to understand and study. Then, how can we confine a test to do this complicated task. IQ is important, yes, but doesn’t wholly determine your success in life. Both IQ and Emotional intelligence plays an important role. IQ measures your ability to manage knowledge, and EI measures your ability to handle human relations. Just being intelligent doesn’t mean that the person will be successful, and just because someone is less intelligent doesn’t mean the person will fail in life. It is the hard work you put in, the emotional intelligence you procure, and the values and outlook towards life that help you succeed.last_img read more

Lauren Kieffer Takes Horseware Indoor Eventing Challenge in Royal Debut

first_imgMore from Horse Sport:Christilot Boylen Retires From Team SportAfter an exemplary career as one of Canada’s top Dressage riders, seven-time Olympian Christilot Boylen has announced her retirement from team competition.2020 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair CancelledFor only the second time in its history, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair has been cancelled but plans are being made for some virtual competitions.Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Statement on 2020 EventAs the Province of Ontario starts to reopen, The Royal’s Board and staff will adhere to all recommendations put forward by government and health officials.Government Financial Assistance for Ontario FarmersOntario Equestrian has recently released this update of several financial assistance packages available, including those for farm business. Horse Sport Enews SIGN UP Email* Subscribe to the Horse Sport newsletter and get an exclusive bonus digital edition! We’ll send you our regular newsletter and include you in our monthly giveaways. PLUS, you’ll receive our exclusive Rider Fitness digital edition with 15 exercises for more effective riding. The popular $20,000 Horseware Indoor Eventing Challenge rocked the house on Saturday night as competitors tackled a mix of delicate show jumping fences and challenging cross-country obstacles set by course designer Mark Phillips. Lauren Kieffer of Middleburg, VA, made her Royal Horse Show a winning one, riding Glendening Avis, a 13-year-old buckskin Canadian Sport Horse mare owned by Callie Evans, to victory.“I’m thrilled. The mare is just incredible; she tries her guts out,” said Kieffer, who was riding a borrowed mount that she rode for the first time on Friday. “It’s very rare that you hop on something and sync together so quickly. It was so much fun to do this on her, and I felt so in sync with her.“Brandon and Kendal certainly put the pressure on; I was hoping for a little bit more breathing room!” joked Kieffer following her indoor eventing debut. “The format is fun; it’s energetic. If it gets one person to leave here and go Google ‘eventing’ and get into it, then it did its purpose.”Finishing second was Toronto’s own Brandon McMechan riding Oscar’s Wild to a clear round in a time of 92.78 seconds to hold off third-placed Kendal Lehari of Uxbridge, ON, who was also clear riding Totally Frank in a time of 94.30 seconds.At the conclusion of the Horseware Indoor Eventing Challenge, World Championship and Pan American Games medalist Selena O’Hanlon of Kingston, ON, was presented with the Michael Gutowski Award, donated by Mr. Iain Gilmour, as the highest-ranked Canadian athlete on the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) Eventing World Athlete Rankings.For more information on the Royal Horse Show, the marquee event of The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, please visit Tags: Selena O’Hanlon, Lauren Kieffer, Glendening Avis, Horseware Indoor Eventing Challenge, Brandon McMechan, Oscar’s Wild, 2018 Royal Horse Show, last_img read more

Calgary’s office market is in an absolute freefall. And it’s about to get even worse

first_imgA third of Calgary office space could become vacant by the first quarter of next year thanks to falling oil prices, the coronavirus pandemic, and already troubling supply glut. (Credit: iStock)By early next year, a third of Calgary’s office space might be vacant.It’s an incredible figure when you consider that Calgary already entered the economic slowdown brought on by coronavirus with a supply glut, and now more than 20 percent of office space in the capital of Canada’s energy industry is vacant, according to Bloomberg.Developers delivered millions of square feet in the years following the 2008 financial crisis, but in 2014 the price of oil started dropping and vacancy started to rise, much as it did in Houston. Logistical issues getting oil to U.S. refineries also started to take a toll.ADVERTISEMENTFor example, developer Strategic Group — which put a portion of its portfolio into creditor protection last year — said that since oil prices started falling in mid-2014, the company lost 78 tenants occupying more than half a million square feet of space.“There was the Calgary that everyone was used to: boom, bust, boom,” said Roelof Van Dijk, the director of market analytics for CoStar’s Canadian outfit.CoStar predicts that 33.1 percent of office space could be available by the first quarter of 2021.Net asking rents have already cratered to about $10.60 a foot, less than half of asking rents in Vancouver and Toronto. Four buildings are empty and Brookfield’s two-tower, three-year-old development is still absorbing tenants, so there are few scenarios in which vacancy rates improve.The recent freefall in oil prices could impact real estate in other ways. Oil-rich nations are huge investors in U.S. real estate in particular. A pullback by the sovereign wealth funds of nations like Saudi Arabia, Norway and the United Arab Emirates could leave a lot of would-be sellers without suitors. [Bloomberg]  — Dennis Lynch This content is for subscribers only.Subscribe Nowlast_img read more

Coalition talks start in Slovenia

first_imgThe current governing party, Positive Slovenia (PS), fell apart after party founder Zoran Jankovic΄, who is being investigated for corruption, retook control from Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek. The PS failed to clear the 4% threshold for entering parliament, while Bratušek’s new outfit, the Alliance of Alenka Bratušek, scraped through with 4.38%.Cerar has said that he aims to build a big-tent coalition to secure a large pro-reform majority. Investors will be watching closely to see whether the next coalition can agree the next steps in structural reform and the sale of state-controlled firms, a controversial issue in the small eurozone economy. The man expected to be Slovenia’s next prime minister has begun putting together a possible governing coalition in the wake of an early election on 13 July that made his party the largest in the parliament. Miro Cerar, a political novice with centre-left leanings, is to start talks with potential coalition partners today (24 July) and hopes to wrap them up by Saturday.He has said that he would talk to any party that entered the national parliament in the election except the centre-right Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), which came second. SDS leader Janez Janša, a former prime minister, last month began a two-year jail sentence for corruption.Cerar, a constitutional-law professor whose political profile is unclear, needs at least one smaller party to form a majority government. Cerar’s party – the Party of Miro Cerar, or SMC – emerged from the election with 34.5% of the vote, followed by 20.7% for the SDS. The third-placed Pensioners’ Party (Desus) is a likely coalition partner.last_img read more

BBC reporter barred under new US visa rules

first_imgA British journalist hoping to visit relatives in New Jersey arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport only to be told she couldn’t fly to the United States without a visa because she also has Iranian nationality.Rana Rahimpour said she was “devastated” at learning the news, which came as the Obama administration starts testing how to implement a law that imposes new visa restrictions on certain dual nationals seeking to enter the United States.Rahimpour’s case suggests there is confusion within the administration over the status of the implementation of the law, which was signed by President Barack Obama in December. POLITICO has repeatedly requested details on how the administration will interpret the new rules, but officials have been largely unresponsive. Those rules have angered the Iranian government, who has questioned whether they violate the Iran nuclear deal, as well as European leaders who say businessmen, aid workers, journalists and others who often travel to the four targeted countries will have to endure an onerous and expensive U.S. visa process.Rahimpour noted that she hasn’t been able to visit Iran for years because the Iranian government is deeply suspicious of the BBC Persian service’s activities. And now the U.S. is putting up new barriers.“It’s very unfair,” she said. “You really feel that you are being punished twice.” Also On POLITICO Forum Is Iran really so evil? By Stephen Kinzer War Room Obama’s new dance with Iran By Philip Gordon and Richard Nephew Rahimpour, who works for the BBC Persian service, was born in Iran but has lived in Britain since 2008, is married to a Briton and has a British passport. She is pregnant and had hoped to make one last overseas trip before the baby arrives.With her two-year-old daughter tagging along, Rahimpour wanted to surprise her brother and his family in New Jersey, with plans to celebrate her nephew’s sixth birthday. Two of her cousins, also British-Iranian, planned to travel with her.“The whole week I was picturing their faces when we were going to knock on their door,” she told POLITICO in a phone conversation after chronicling her situation on Twitter.The 33-year-old was told by contacts in Washington that the new visa rules didn’t take effect until April. Like all British citizens must, on Friday she applied for visa clearance through the Department of Homeland Security’s Electronic System for Travel Authorization site, which indicated she would get a response within 72 hours.Having already bought the tickets, she arrived at the airport Tuesday with the ESTA response still pending. While at the airport, she called an ESTA official to check on the status of her case, and was told that her request to travel without a visa had been denied because of the new law.There are bipartisan efforts in Congress to repeal the dual nationality provision of the visa law, and the White House supports such a change, but for now it must proceed under the legislation passed in December.center_img On Tuesday, when asked about Rahimpour’s case, a senior administration official said “the U.S. government has not yet begun denying any of these applications” under the new law, meaning Rahimpour should not have been required to get a visa just yet because of her Iranian background.“The U.S. government is conducting a phased implementation of the new Visa Waiver Program legislation,” the official added. “Certain applications have been referred to a review process based on the enactment of the new law.”The new visa law, passed in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, applies to certain people from 38 countries, most of them European, who in the past would have been allowed to temporarily travel to the United States without a visa.Under the new rules, anyone from those 38 countries who has visited Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan since March 1, 2011 — or who is a dual national of one of those four countries — cannot travel to the United States without a visa.The dual nationality provision in particular is tricky because there is no international agreement on how to deal with people of multiple nationalities. Each country sets its own rules.Iran has a broad definition of who counts as an Iranian, including bestowing Iranian nationality on many people who may have never been to Iran. The German-born child of an Iranian man counts as an Iranian, and, according to some interpretations, so do the non-Iranian wives of Iranian men.last_img read more

ACS State Championships ‘bringing game’ to Port Arthur; come watch!

first_imgMore than 400 pool players will gather for the American CueSports Alliance 2018 ACS Texas State Championships in Port Arthur on Oct. 24–28.The public is invited to watch the tournament from 10 a.m. to midnight Wednesday through Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday at the Robert A. “Bob” Bowers Civic Center, 3401 Cultural Center Drive in Port Arthur. More than 40 pool tables will be set up for the tournament.There is no charge to watch the tournament. “We’re ready for the players. This is the first event of this kind to be held at the civic center as the group moves in over 40 pool tables. We know they’re here to compete, and we extend an invitation for them to unwind in Port Arthur and enjoy our scenic views and restaurants,” Port Arthur Convention & Visitors Bureau director Tammy Kotzur said.For a list of past ACS-Texas winners, visit www.acs-texas.netFor more information on Port Arthur’s hotels and attractions, visit “ACS Texas is super excited about bringing our game to Port Arthur,” treasurer Janet Ybarra said.The first place winner will receive entry fees to the ACS Nationals in Las Vegas in May 2019. There will be doubles, singles and team events“This year, $10,000 has been added to prize money, thanks to local sponsor Reel Cajun Seafood Restaurant and Bar,” Ybarra said.center_img “But, it’s just a game. You win some, you lose some. As long as you’re having fun… That’s what counts,” Ybarra said.Prize sponsor Tony Nguyen, owner of Reel Cajun in Port Arthur and Lumberton, is also owner of Diamond Sports Bar & Grill in Port Arthur. He said pool is now his passion.“I grew up playing it. It’s embedded in me. It’s something I love to do,” Nguyen said.Past tournaments have been staged in cities such as Fort Worth, Belton and Midland-Odessa.last_img read more

Game wardens to crack down on DWI for boaters

first_img Law enforcement agencies from every state are expected to participate in Operation Dry Water weekend, focusing their efforts on detecting impaired boaters and educating the public about the dangers of boating under the influence. Since the inception of the Operation Dry Water Campaign in 2009, law enforcement officers have removed 3,532 BUI operators from the nation’s waterways and made contact with over 1.3 million boaters during the annual three-day weekend.In addition to having a designated driver, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stresses the following four key points to decrease boating and water related accidents, injuries, and deaths.Wear a life jacket. 70 percent of persons who died in a boating accident would be alive today if they had worn a life jacket.Use the ignition safety switch. Commonly called a “kill switch,” the ignition safety switch will stop the engine if you fall overboard and prevent you from becoming stranded or run over by your boat.Learn how to swim.Formal lessons can help protect swimmers from drowning.Take a Boater Education course.Anyone born on or after Sept. 1, 1993, must complete a boater education course to operate a personal watercraft or a boat with a 15 horsepower rating or more. Operating a boat with a blood alcohol concentration above 0.08 percent is an offense that can lead to fines, confinement in jail and the loss of a driver’s license. In 2018, game wardens issued 162 boating while intoxicated citations across the state.“A recent fatal boating accident in Chambers County that took the lives of three clearly shows the risk of boating while intoxicated,” Texas Game Warden Col. Grahame Jones, TPWD law enforcement division director, said. “We will not tolerate people placing the boating public in harm by drinking and boating. You will be arrested and charged appropriately.”Alcohol use is also the leading contributing factor in recreational boater deaths and a leading factor in recreational boating accidents. Where the primary cause was known, alcohol was listed as the leading factor in 19% of deaths, according to 2017 U.S. Coast Guard Recreational Boating Statistics. AUSTIN – As boaters head out to Texas waterways for the Fourth of July holiday, Texas game wardens and thousands of law enforcement officers will be on heightened alert looking for those violating boating under the influence laws.These ramped-up efforts to crack down on impaired boaters will continue July 5-7 during the annual Operation Dry Water weekend, a nationally coordinated heightened awareness and enforcement campaign focused on deterring boaters from boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol.“Boating under the influence is just as deadly as drinking and driving,” said Cody Jones, TPWD assistant commander for marine enforcement. “Every year we see dozens of boating accidents and tragedies on Texas waters that could have been avoided if the operator had refrained from drinking. We are calling on all Texans to keep our lakes safe and fun this holiday weekend and throughout the year by limiting alcohol consumption and having a designated driver at all times when boating on Texas waterways.”center_img For more information about boating safety, laws and requirements, visit TPWD’s boating laws website.Special to The Newslast_img read more

Avangrid, Governor Shumlin break ground on Deerfield Wind farm

first_imgVermont Business Magazine Avangrid Renewables representatives, joined by Governor Shumlin and local elected officials, broke ground on Deerfield Wind today in Searsburg in Benninigton County. Once operational, Deerfield wind will produce enough energy each year to power around 14,000 average Vermont households with clean, renewable electricity.  Avangrid signed a 25-year power purchase agreement for the project with Green Mountain Power in 2015. The 30-megawatt (MW) project will include 15 Gamesa wind turbines and will be the first utility-scale project on US Forest land in the country. Avangrid Renewables was formerly known as Iberdrola Renewables.Governor Shumlin, center, with company and local officials, participates in the ceremonial groundbreakinig at the Deerfield Wind farm Monday. Courtesy photo.“I am proud that since I took office we have increased solar by eleven times and wind generation by twenty times, and that we now have over 17,000 Vermonters working in clean energy jobs,” Shumlin said. “I am also proud that we are making this progress even as we have now have the second-lowest electric rates in New England, keeping more money in Vermonters’ pockets. Today we take another step to support the clean energy economy and fight climate change by breaking ground on the Deerfield wind project. This will reduce our region’s reliance on fossil fuels and adds wind power to a part of the grid in Vermont that is ready for it and needs it.”Part of the Deerfield Wind project will be located near the existing Searsburg turbines and utilize shared roads to minimize the impact during construction.“Avangrid Renewables is pleased to partner with the US Forest Service, Green Mountain Power, and the local municipalities to bring over $80 million of renewable energy investment into Vermont,” Avangrid Renewables Executive, Tim Seck said.Deerfield Wind is expected to become operational by the end of 2017. The same developer has been working for years on building the much larger (96.6 MW) Stiles Brook Wind Project northeast of Searsburg in Windham and Grafton, which is supposed to go to voters in November.RELATED STORY: Grafton likely not ready for critical turbine vote“The Forest Service is very proud of the work that we have contributed through the planning and analysis phases of this project,” said John Sinclair, Forest Supervisor for the Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests.  “We look forward to our continued work with Avangrid and administering implementation of the project on the ground.” The project developer says the project has consistently received local support and representatives from the local select boards were also in attendance. “This project is a welcomed renewable energy option that will be beneficial to Readsboro from a revenue standpoint of approximately $150,000 per year, and from an economic standpoint with job creation both during construction and operational and maintenance on a permanent basis,” said Rebecca Stone, Readsboro Town Official.  Source: AVANGRID: 9.19.2016AVANGRID, Inc. (NYSE: AGR) is a diversified energy and utility company with more than $30 billion in assets and operations in 25 states. The company operates regulated utilities and electricity generation through two primary lines of business. Avangrid Networks includes eight electric and natural gas utilities, serving 3.1 million customers in New York and New England. Avangrid Renewables operates 6.3 gigawatts of electricity capacity, primarily through wind power, in states across the United States. AVANGRID employs 7,000 people. The company was formed by a merger between Iberdrola USA and UIL Holdings Corporation in 2015. IBERDROLA S.A. (Madrid: IBE), a worldwide leader in the energy industry, owns 81.5% of AVANGRID. For more information, visit is external).  About Avangrid Renewables: Avangrid Renewables, LLC is a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc. (NYSE: AGR) and the U.S. renewable energy division of parent company IBERDROLA, S.A., an energy pioneer with the largest renewable asset base of any company in the world. Avangrid Renewables, LLC is headquartered in Portland, Ore., and has more than $10 billion of operating assets totaling more than 6,000 MW of owned and controlled wind and solar generation in 19 U.S. states. For more information, visit is external).last_img read more

GU Energy expands management team

first_imgEnergy gel pioneer GU Energy Labs has announced three key promotions within the business: Michael Littleton is promoted to Vice President of Finance, Magdalena Lewy-Boulet to Vice President of Innovation and Lauren O’Connor to Director of Marketing.Paving the way in research and development, Magdalena Lewy-Boulet, GU Energy’s resident US Olympian (Women’s Marathon, 2008 Beijing Games), will assume the role of Vice President of Innovation. Boasting a Masters in Exercise Physiology, Magdalena has already developed new gels for Rock-n-Roll Marathons, as well as a new Chocolate Peanut Butter flavour. As noted by GU, ‘Magda’ also happens to own the 5th fastest women’s marathon time in US history.A key player in leading GU through recapitalization in August 2013, Michael Littleton, who formerly served as Controller for GU Energy, will now take the reins as Vice President of Finance. Littleton is a CPA by trade and has been integral in helping the company navigate myriad new tax regulations as well as the many new topics engendered by GU’s recently-completed corporate headquarters.Additionally, former Senior Marketing Manager Lauren O’Connor has been promoted to Director of Marketing at GU. A former high level rugby player, O’Connor has already played a key role in development of new marketing ideas, strategies and tactics for GU, and will continue to shape brand marketing strategy in her new role.“We are incredibly excited about extending the responsibilities of Michael, Magdalena and Lauren on our management team,” said Tal Johnson, President and COO of GU Energy. “These individuals have been vital in the elevation, innovation and growth of our brand – we greatly look forward to their continued contributions in their new roles.” Relatedlast_img read more