Scott, Condos announce reforms to address Vermont’s substance use disorder workforce crisis

first_imgVermont Business Magazine In a move to reduce the red tape and allow for more substance use professionals across the state, Governor Phil Scott, Secretary of State Jim Condos and Director of Professional Regulation Colin Benjamin on Monday announced reforms to the administrative rules governing Apprentice Addiction Professionals (AAPs), Alcohol and Drug Counselors (ADCs) and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADCs).The “strike-and-rewrite” replacement brings the administrative rules for these professions from 30 pages to 10, eliminating red tape and introducing efficiency, while maintaining high professional standards. Areas of focus include carefully defined core competencies, more relevant and inclusive degree and continuing education requirements, and compatibility with prevailing national standards.“The opioid epidemic is one of the most serious challenges we face, and I appreciate the hard work of this group to assess and respond to the workforce needs of our treatment community with the sense of urgency this public health crisis deserves,” said Gov. Scott. “In just five months, a dedicated group of experts and professionals from the public, private and nonprofit sectors worked together to take an important step in addressing our substance use disorder workforce crisis, and they accomplished it in a way that makes Vermont an even more attractive and accessible place to work and live for the professionals we badly need.”Reforms also focused on increasing efficiency of the program for both licensees and administrators. A key achievement was identifying and addressing a bottleneck for applicants under the existing clinical supervision policy.“The challenge in this case was to maintain the high, statutory standards set out by the General Assembly while eliminating unnecessary barriers to entry,” said Director Benjamin. “By engaging with the brightest people in the field, we identified 12 core challenges providers are facing, and addressed each of those obstacles with this emergency rule filing.”These reforms are the result of work by the Governor’s Opioid Coordination Council, created by Gov. Scott under Executive Order 02-17, the Office of Professional Regulation (OPR), and numerous providers, physicians and treatment professionals from throughout Vermont.Changes were guided by feedback from professionals who participated in the Governor’s Summit on Vermont’s Substance Use Disorder Workforce. The Summit, held in partnership with the Vermont State Colleges System in April, focused on the workforce needs of the provider community.  Improving licensing processes across professions has been a focus of Sec. Condos for several years, and following the April Summit he directed OPR to work with the Opioid Coordination Council and its partners to address the regulatory and licensing challenges of these professionals.“The emergency rule changes we’ve filed demonstrate the enormous potential we realize when those in state government work together – and in partnership with the private sector and our colleges and universities – to improve processes and services to the people of Vermont,” said Sec. Condos. “This is what good government looks like, and I thank everyone for their contributions to this initiative.”On Wednesday, October 4, the rules were filed with the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (LCAR) for emergency adoption. This approach cut the adoption timeline from almost ten months to a matter of days. They will be in place for 120-days while undergoing the standard proposed rule filing with the Interagency Committee on Administrative Rules (ICAR) and LCAR for permanent adoption.Regulatory Reforms Responsive to the SUD Workforce Crisis: Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselors In response to Executive Order No. 02-17 and the Governor’s call to review existing State mental health and drug and alcohol addiction laws and regulations, the Office of Professional Regulation has completed a strike-and-rewrite replacement of its administrative rules for Apprentice Addiction Professionals (AAPs), Alcohol & Drug Counselors (ADCs), and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADCs). These rules will be filed with the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules for emergency adoption, cutting the adoption timeline from almost ten months to a matter of days.The challenge in this case is to maintain high, statutory standards of competence while eliminating unnecessary barriers to entry arising from idiosyncratic degree requirements and excessively prescriptive educational mandates. This is accomplished by carefully defining core competencies for the top-level credential: a master’s or greater, 270 hours of SUD-specific training, 2,000 hours of supervised clinical practice, examination, and continuing education—and allowing applicants from diverse educational and professional backgrounds to progress toward that credential by showing the required qualifications through appropriate proxies, such as documented time as an SUD treatment provider in a similar context, or under cover of a different license, or in a foreign jurisdiction. We also identified a training bottleneck at supervision. We responded by opening eligibility to act as a clinical supervisor to the full range of professionals qualified to provide addiction-related psychotherapy.Continuity AAPs were limited to two renewals, effectively removing from the workforce any who lacked the means or the time to progress, as well as those who liked working in their current roles. The emergency rules allow AAPs to remain so indefinitely, if matriculated in SUD-related training.Consistency ADCs and LADCs were required to demonstrate 300 hours of SUD-specific education, requiring many applicants qualified in other states to return to educational programs for additional training before serving Vermonters. The emergency rules conform to the national standard, 270 hours, facilitating reciprocal recognition and practitioner mobility.Efficiency AAPs and ADCs are now deemed to be on the roster of non-licensed, non-certified psychotherapists. This halves the fees and paperwork required to remain credentialed.An independent clinical social worker, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, or clinical mental health counselor, licensed and in good standing in Vermont or a foreign jurisdiction, with at least one year of full-time addiction counseling experience and the core SUD competencies, may now test directly into a Vermont LADC license.Clear, structured supervision paperwork is to be provided by the Office, relieving the burden on clinical supervisors to document rule compliance, and relieving the burden on LADC advisors when reviewing applications.Thirty pages of administrative regulations have been trimmed to ten pages.Degrees 48-credit-hour MS degrees were denied recognition in favor of 60-hour MS degrees. The emergency rules open the field to those with 48-credit-hour degrees if they complete appropriate supplemental training, salvaging the significant value in the earned degree.Core Competencies Idiosyncratic SUD competencies set out seventeen subcategories of mandatory education, each with a required hourly minimum not necessarily enforced by any other state. Few people, no matter how qualified, met these without undertaking additional education, often in topics irrelevant to their practice contexts.The emergency rules harmonize SUD-competency requirements, embracing New Hampshire’s model of defining four public-health-critical competencies that must be demonstrated by all applicants, then allowing applicants to determine their own training ratios within other recognized categories.Applicants who specialized in counseling psychology at the baccalaureate level were not advantaged under the old rules by comparison to applicants who studied accounting. The emergency rules allow applicants to demonstrate SUD-specific counseling training earned throughout their academic careers.U.S. Service Members are afforded recognition of relevant military training, pursuant to 3 V.S.A. § 123(g).Supervision Clinical supervision presented a devastating bottleneck for applicants, who could be supervised only by LADCs with multiple years of experience.o The emergency rules capitalize on the deep experience of licensed independent clinical social workers, licensed clinical mental health counselors, board-certified physicians, psychologists, and licensed marriage and family therapists. Practitioners licensed in these fields, who demonstrate SUD core competencies and one year of SUD-counseling experience, may now serve as supervisors, and upon successful examination, may cross-qualify for the LADC license themselves.o The emergency rules recognize a much broader range of qualifying supervision, at a direct-supervision ratio of 1:40, rather than 1:20, allowing provider agencies the flexibility to meet real-world demands, and allowing the state’s most experienced practitioners to spend more time with patients, and less time signing supervision forms.o Group supervision of as many as six unlicensed persons is permitted, as is supervision by videoconference.o Applicants may have multiple supervisors and may interrupt clinical supervision, for example, for pregnancy, illness, or military service, without losing supervision credit.o LADCs or LADC equivalents with five years’ full-time addiction-counseling practice in a foreign jurisdiction are presumed to have satisfied the supervised-clinical-practice hours required in Vermont, knocking down a major barrier to efficient interstate reciprocity and mobility.Continuing Education A complex and prescriptive continuing-education regime is replaced with a relevance test.Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network (ATTC) and National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) programs are presumptively approved, eliminating unnecessary approval paperwork.Designated agencies may provide as much as 30 of the 40 biennial continuing-education hours required of licensees, encouraging in-service training and allowing licensees to maintain their credentials at lower cost. As a condition of recognition, agency continuing-education training is opened to private practitioners and others, and agencies may charge reasonable fees to recover costs.Click here to view a summary of the changes made(link is external).Click here to view the full emergency rule(link is external). Source: Governor 10.16.2017last_img read more

Federal judge hears arguments in Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist case seeking right to operate homeless shelter near Old Town Lenexa

first_imgProject 1020 is providing motel rooms for clients experiencing homelessness, like this man who asked not to be named.A federal judge on Thursday oversaw a hearing in a lawsuit filed by Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church against the city of Lenexa, which has denied the church’s request to house clients of Project 1020, a cold weather homeless shelter previously based in Olathe.Because Project 1020 has no permanent space, it is putting clients in motel rooms. Some are declining a room to save money for Project 1020; in those cases, the organization is providing sleeping bags and tent supplies.Judge Daniel Crabtree, a United States District Judge, heard arguments from both the church and the city on the case. The courtroom at the Robert J. Dole Courthouse was filled with orange, as about 75 supporters of the homeless shelter came out in support of the church.The church is asking the courts to grant a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction, which, if granted, could allow the church to begin operating a homeless shelter for a certain period of time while the case is ongoing and pending a full trial.The church’s argument for a preliminary injunction asks the courts to maintain the status quo — the status quo being that a homeless ministry is core to the church’s beliefs and should be protected as a First Amendment right.On the other hand, Lenexa has asked the courts to dismiss the case, arguing that the church did not exhaust its options by going through the city’s appeals process to reconsider the request or by coming up with alternative solutions.The city’s argument for a preliminary injunction makes a similar request regarding the status quo — only it argues that the status quo is that throughout the church’s history, it has not operated a homeless shelter at that site.The church property, located at 9400 Pflumm Road in Old Town, is zoned residential. Surrounding it are commercial and retail properties for businesses, single-family homes and train tracks to the north. The church is the former home of Bonjour Elementary.Dan Dalton, the attorney representing the church, said the church “didn’t have any other options” besides moving forward with a lawsuit. In his oral arguments, he said the city of Lenexa doesn’t have any zoning districts that allow for homeless shelters, which means it’s up to the discretion of city staff to grant or deny the church’s request to operate a homeless shelter.Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church is located at 9400 Pflumm Road in Old Town.“In a lot of communities throughout the United States, that’s intentional, the idea being is if they don’t define, they don’t conditionally permit it, then they don’t allow it,” Dalton said. “It really discourages homeless shelters from trying to apply to be in a community because they’re not even allowed.”In a letter Oct. 23 to the church, Magi Tilton, planning and development administrator for Lenexa, had noted that the high density of the proposed homeless shelter operation — 40 people each night — is similar to the density of a hotel, which would make it too dense in comparison with the neighboring single-family homes.When Crabtree asked if the city had proposed alternative locations, David Jack, assistant city attorney, said no, but that they had thought conversations with the church would be ongoing. City legal staff said the city had hoped to work with the church on finding an alternative location for a homeless shelter and was therefore not expecting to be served the lawsuit.Additionally, the city argued that overnight parties and temporary crisis shelters (like in the event of a natural disaster) would be permitted at the church, but a homeless shelter is considered to be permanent, like a home.“The city is willing to try and work with the church to see if we can find some alternatives,” Jack said. “We just don’t think this use in a residential area is appropriate.”Barb McEver, co-founder of Project 1020, said they hope to operate a cold weather shelter from the beginning of December through the end of March. Clients would arrive in the evening, eat a hot meal, and have a place to sleep. All she needs is a building.“In my mind, it’s just so simple. People need to know they matter, and I think that is the first start,” McEver said. “I want to provide an environment where they come in and they feel some reprieve, they feel welcome, and they feel like they matter.”Project 1020 has been looking for a space for a homeless shelter since the city of Olathe denied its request to operate in a building on West Park Street.There is one shelter in Johnson County that offers four beds for single adult women, but no shelter for single adult men, according to court documents. Last year, Project 1020 served 240 homeless individuals.In an email to the Shawnee Mission Post, city spokeswoman Denise Rendina shared the city’s goal moving forward.“We acknowledge that homelessness is an issue for our county and we would like to be part of a permanent solution for the county as a whole,” she said.Rendina noted that the Lenexa city council on Tuesday, after its meeting in executive session, unanimously agreed to accept the filing of an appeal by the church, so long as it does so by Feb. 3, 2020.One client asking for temporary housing; neighbors share mixed feelingsOne client who let the Post visit his motel room Thursday evening shared his frustrations with being homeless. He asked not to be named because it could damage his relationship with his employer. Even though he had a full-time job, a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and grew up in Overland Park (he’s a 1991 graduate of SM South), he lost his home after back-to-back tragedies stunned him.He lost his wife in a car accident with a drunk driver, and his son to suicide about a month later. Because of his savings, it took two years for him to lose everything else he owned, including his house in Overland Park.“It’s a hellish existence,” he said. “It consumes you when you don’t know where you’re going to stay the next night.”He noted that he has a new full-time job now, but it’s not enough to pay for housing on top of other expenses. And his situation grew even more precarious after his employer found out he wasn’t getting good rest because he didn’t have a steady place where he could sleep each night.“Nobody else at my job has to prove they had a place to sleep last night,” he said. He said a homeless shelter in Johnson County would help him get him back on his feet and let him save up for permanent housing on his own.Neighboring residents and business owners have shared mixed feelings on the homeless shelter. In person, homeowners and businesses close to the church told the Shawnee Mission Post they support the church’s initiative.“If there’s people on the street around this area and they’re willing to find a home for them, I have no problem with that,” Heidi Seman, a neighboring business owner, adding that she hasn’t seen homeless people in Lenexa. “Why is it going to bother me?”“I think it’s perfect for them to have a better future, to have a place to sleep at night so they don’t have to worry about tomorrow,” said neighboring resident Carlos Alvarez.Neighbors on Nextdoor, however, raised concerns and said they wanted more information from the church.“As a Christian, I feel we need to help the less fortunate,” said Michael Elliott, a resident of Old Town who ran for city council in 2017. “I’m glad that they’re doing that, I just have a problem with the place.”Elliott said he thinks it’s not an appropriate area because he believes the clients being served are not from the area.In response, McEver said Project 1020 only serves clients in Johnson County, including some who are from the area but have day jobs in Kansas City, Missouri.Crabtree said he may make a decision on the church’s request for a temporary restraining order sometime early next week. A hearing for a preliminary injunction may occur at a later date. In the meantime, he told both parties to try to work things out, noting that once he rules, “one of you is going to walk away disappointed.”last_img read more

News Scan for Jan 14, 2015

first_imgNote: The measles item was corrected on Jan 15, because the female traveler who had measles was mistakenly called the index patient. We apologize for the error.Saudi Arabia confirms 2 new MERS cases, 1 recoveryTwo new cases of MERS-CoV were recorded today by the country’s Ministry of Health (MOH), the first since Jan 8, bringing the total for this year to 10 for the country and the total since June 2012 to 835.The new case-patients are a 67-year-old man from Taif and a 93-year-old man from Riyadh, neither one is a healthcare worker, and both having preexisting medical illnesses and are in critical condition.The patient in Taif has had no recent contact with known or suspected MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) patients in either the community or the healthcare setting, but he does have a history of animal exposure.The patient in Riyadh has no known animal exposure or contact with MERS patients in the community, but his exposure in the hospital or clinic setting is under investigation.In today’s update, the MOH also lists the recovery of one MERS-CoV patient, a 91-year-old man in Riyadh whose case was previously reported. He is not a healthcare worker but did have preexisting illness.His case brings to 469 the number of patients who have recovered from MERS-CoV in Saudi Arabia. The number of deaths stays steady at 358, and 8 cases are currently active, the MOH said.Jan 14 MOH update Most recent (Jan 9) CIDRAP News MERS scan Measles patient took 2 flights after leaving DisneyA woman in her 20s who is part of a Disney-linked 26-case measles outbreak flew from Orange County, Calif., to Seattle and back again before she was diagnosed as having the highly contagious disease on Jan 8, the Los Angeles Times reported yesterday.The unvaccinated woman visited Disneyland in December then fell ill and became contagious on Dec 28, the story said. She flew from Orange County to Seattle via Alaska Airlines on Dec 29 and returned on a Virgin America flight on Jan 3. She visited family in Snohomish County, Wash., in the interim.(In an e-mail exchange on Jan 15 to clarify the situation, Eric McDonald, MD, MPH, deputy public health officer, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, said an unknown index patient exposed others on Dec 18 at Disneyland. Measles patients who were infected after attending Disneyland visited the theme park between Dec 17 and Dec 20, the LA Times reported.)In addition, an unvaccinated man picked up measles after visiting Disneyland and was treated at Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colo., and recovered. But officials warned that people might have been exposed to the virus on Jan 3 and are contacting people about possible exposure.As previously reported yesterday, 26 people have contracted measles in the outbreak, 22 in California, 2 in Utah, and 1 each in Washington and Colorado.Jan 13 LA Times story Jan 13 CIDRAP News scan on outbreak Survey finds modest awareness of modified-mosquito planIn spite of outreach and media efforts about possibly releasing genetically modified mosquitoes after a 2009-10 dengue outbreak in Key West, Fla., only about half the community was aware of the proposal, which met with support from more than half of those with knowledge of the plan, according to a study today in Emerging Infectious Diseases.Of 386 Key West residents surveyed, 195 (51.1%) said they had heard of the proposed release of mosquitoes modified to make them sterile, which would have made it the first such release in the United States. The survey was conducted in June 2012, after 80 media and outreach activities had been conducted on Key West and neighboring Stock Island.Among the 195 who had heard of the proposal, 22.1% were supportive and 34.9% strongly supportive, for a total of 57%. Only 8.2% opposed and 9.7% strongly opposed the plan. In addition, 25.1% described themselves as neutral.The most common reasons for opposing the release were that it would disturb nature and that it was an unproven technology. Most supporters of the release expressed a desire to do anything to eradicate mosquitoes or preferred the method to chemicals and spraying.The proposed release is undergoing inspection by the US Food and Drug Administration and has not yet occurred, the authors noted.Jan 14 Emerg Infect Dis studylast_img read more

Public Notice: Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force Meets Nov. 8

first_imgNM Indian Affairs Department News:The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force is meeting noon to 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 8 in the Board Room at CNM Main Campus at 525 Buena Vista Dr. SE, in Albuquerque.The meeting is open to the public.Public parking is available south of University Boulevard across CNM Main Campus. An agenda will be available at least 72 hours prior to the meeting and posted on the Indian Affairs Department’s homepage at questions about the MMIW Task Force meeting to Stephanie Salazar at 505.690.4079 or by email at: read more

NASA to cover SpaceX commercial crew test flight

first_imgIn preparation for Demo-2, SpaceX has completed a number of major milestones for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program including an end-to-end test flights and in-flight launch escape capability.SpaceX has also completed over 700 tests of the spacecraft’s SuperDraco engines, which fired together at full throttle can power Dragon 0.5 miles away from Falcon 9 in 7.5 seconds, accelerating the vehicle more than 400 mph. NASA and SpaceX are targeting 4:32 p.m. EDT Wednesday, 27th May, for the launch of the Demo-2 flight, which will be the first time a commercially built and operated American rocket and spacecraft will carry humans to the space station.The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft will launch on a Falcon 9 rocket from historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Crew Dragon is scheduled to dock to the space station at 11:29am on Thursday 28th May.The Falcon 9 is a hybrid liquid rocket in that in addition to the liquid oxygen, it burns rocket-grade kerosene in its two stages, the second of which is not reusable.This will be SpaceX’s final test flight of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and will provide data on the performance of the Falcon 9 rocket, Crew Dragon spacecraft and ground systems, as well as in-orbit, docking and landing operations.The test flight also will provide valuable data toward NASA certifying SpaceX’s crew transportation system for regular flights carrying astronauts to and from the space station.last_img read more

Ghana plans to decriminalize the use of Marijuana

first_imgGhana is planning to decriminalize the use of marijuana.The country’s Deputy Minister of the Interior James Agalga says that under a new bill before parliament, users will be given medical care and rehabilitation, rather than prosecution and incarceration. At the same time, nine U.S. states are voting next week to relax marijuana laws.Kate Fisher reports from Washington.last_img

Egypt tightens up anti-COVID-19 measures during Islamic holiday ~PM

first_imgEgypt to impose stricter anti-COVID-19 measures during Islamic holiday: PM Egypt’s COVID-19 cases rise to 210 amid intensified precautionary measures Egypt PM Mostafa Madbouly. Image courtesy Egypt PM Mostafa Madbouly. Image courtesyEgyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly said on Sunday the government will impose a stricter package of anti-COVID-19 measures during the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday.Speaking during a press conference, the prime minister said the new measures are meant to combat the spread of the virus during the Islamic feast which falls on May 24.An already-imposed nationwide nighttime curfew will begin at 17:00 instead of 21:00 local time for six days, the prime minister said, adding that all malls, shops, restaurants, public parks and beaches will be shut down during the holiday.All public transportation means across the country will also be suspended during the holiday, Madbouly said.Egypt has so far confirmed 11,719 COVID-19 cases, including 612 deaths and 2,950 recoveries.The Egyptian government has recently started to ease restrictions and gradually reopen services and offices that have been halted since mid-March amid a “coexistence plan” to maintain anti-coronavirus precautionary measures while resuming services, businesses and economic activities.Relatedcenter_img Egypt’s COVID-19 recoveries rises to 201last_img read more

Taxi/tour operators urged to protect tourism sector

first_img Tweet Share Sharing is caring! LocalNews Taxi/tour operators urged to protect tourism sector by: – April 24, 2014 Sharecenter_img 15 Views   no discussions Share P & O Cruises docked at port on the Dame Mary Eugenia Charles Boulevard (file photo)An executive of the Combine Taxi Association has called on taxi and tour operators to help protect the island’s tourism industry.Public relations officer of the Combine Taxi Association, Jenner Guiste who expressed mixed feelings about the 2013/2014 cruise season in an interview with Dominica Vibes, urged operators to be mindful that their actions could affect the industry.The 2013/2014 cruise season will officially end on Sunday, April 27 and according to Guiste, although the season played out fairly well; there are several matters which must be addressed before the next season opens.He highlighted the attitude of some taxi operators, as one of the major hindrances to the sector and if not addressed speedily could hinder its future.Guiste made particular reference to a concern raised a cruise ship captain whose ship docked in port on Wednesday.“This morning the captain complained, to my understanding, of the crowds on the Bayfront and you’re talking to taxi drivers and they just do not want to hear”.The Ministry of Tourism has held several meetings and workshops with the tour/taxi operators with a view to having some level of organization on the Bayfront when there is a cruise ship in port.Some visitors have complained that the manner in which taxi/tour operators solicit visitors to their tours needs some revision.Guiste warns that operators must understand that the cruise ship is vital to their businesses and therefore they must not do anything which will prevent them from coming here.“I think we need to get it into our minds that first for us to do business we need to have a ship and if we do not have a ship we do not have any business so we need to create good atmospheres to encourage ships to come to Dominica”.Guiste also noted that he is not optimistic that Carnival Cruise lines will return to Dominica permanently anytime soon if stakeholders continue to disregard the law.Tourism officials and the Prime Minister have been engaged in discussion with Carnival Cruise Lines for it to return on island.According to Guiste, the cruise line will be making a few calls here next season but the attitudes of operators need to improve urgently.“I am not optimistic that Carnival is going to come to Dominica because the authorities can do what they need to do but I think that we taxi drivers need to do a little better.“I am afraid that the captain may convey his negative sentiments to other captains and therefore that would not really do well for the destination,” he said.Guiste said the Combine Taxi Association of which he is a part must do more to meet demands during challenging times.He said the board should make the time to meet during the peak and discuss its business, particularly, “the dispatch of the private tours can be done differently”.“I think we maybe need to sit in the off season and find a better system that is workable, that is understandable by every taxi driver”.“Taxi drivers need to show themselves as taxi drivers, some of them say the rules are not for them and if you have to abide by certain rules and to understand what your responsibility is as a taxi driver,” he added.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

AAL to be fully compliant with IMO 2020 Regulation

first_imgWith widespread discussion and reporting about the IMO 2020 ‘Sulphur Cap’ regulation, coming into effect January 1st 2020, AAL on Thursday said that the company plans to move forward over the coming weeks and months to fully prepare for this important and long-awaited milestone in the shipping and maritime sector. “In the multipurpose shipping sector, we know well that one size does not fit all. Therefore, in consideration of the wide variety of cargo and trades that we handle and manage worldwide, we will be implementing various calculation methodologies to fairly share the increased cost of low sulphur fuel usage with our customers. These measures will come into effect from September 1st 2019, as we start the arduous task of preparing our fleet for low sulphur fuel and begin bunkering same with the intent of being fully compliant with the IMO regulation by year’s end.” “The purpose of the new regulation is to reduce Sulphur Oxide (SOx) levels produced across the entire shipping industry, resulting in more sustainable air quality conditions for those environments in which we operate every day, particularly coastal and port communities. AAL has served the multipurpose heavy lift sector for 25 years and we welcome the positive global impact it will have on our environment and the health of current and future generations,” the company said. “In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support and for joining AAL in helping to deliver a new era of sustainable shipping for our industry and the global community,” AAL Management team stated. Sea News, August 2 “Over the past year, we’ve been researching the options available and decided that migration to the use of low sulphur fuel (fuel with sulphur content of 0.5% or less and fully compliant with the IMO legislation) will best meet the interests of the customers, trades and industries we service globally. This fuel comprises variants such as Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (LSFO), Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (ULSFO) and Low Sulphur Marine Gasoil (LS-MGO), all currently more expensive than standard marine fuel. In this respect, not only will adoption of same have profound implications for our planet, but also on the economics of our daily operations,” the company stated. Author: Baibhav Mishralast_img read more

Pairings Announced For First Two Rounds of Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup

first_imgMay 17Tulsa Athletic (NPSL) vs. Tulsa Roughnecks FC (USL)7:30 p.m. CTHurricane Soccer & Track Stadium; Tulsa, Okla. May 10FC Tucson (PDL) vs. Colorado Rush (Colo.)7:30 p.m. MSTKino North Stadium; Tucson, Ariz. May 17Louisville City FC (USL) vs. Derby City Rovers (PDL)7:30 p.m. ETWoehrle Athletic Complex; Jeffersonville, Ind.    -or-    -or- May 17Albion SC Pros (NPSL) vs. San Diego Zest (PDL)7 p.m. PTMission Bay High School; San Diego, Calif. May 10El Farolito (Calif.) vs. Burlingame Dragons FC (PDL)3 p.m. PTBoxer Stadium; San Francisco, Calif. May 10Jacksonville Armada U-23 (NPSL) vs. The Villages SC (PDL)7 p.m. ETPatton Park; Jacksonville, Fla. May 10Fredericksburg FC (NPSL) vs. Christos FC (Md.)5 p.m. ETUniv. of Mary Washington Battleground Stadium; Fredericksburg, Va. May 17Des Moines Menace (PDL) vs. FC Cincinnati (USL)7:30 p.m. CTValley Stadium; West Des Moines, Iowa    -or-    -or- May 10Miami United FC (NPSL) vs. Boca Raton Football Club (Fla.)7 p.m. ETTed Hendricks Stadium; Hialeah, Fla. May 17OSA FC (NPSL) vs. Reno 1868 FC (USL)7:30 p.m. PTStarfire Sports Complex; Tukwila, Wash.    -or- May 10Atlanta Silverbacks (NPSL) vs. SC United Bantams (PDL)5 p.m. ETAtlanta Silverbacks Park; Atlanta, Ga. May 10Dutch Lions FC (NPSL) vs. NTX Rayados (Texas)7 p.m. CTDutch Lions FC Soccer Facility; Conroe, Texas    -or-    -or- May 17Legacy 76 (NPSL) vs. North Carolina FC (NASL)7 p.m. ETWanner Stadium; Williamsburg, Va. May 10FC Wichita (NPSL) vs. Azteca FC (Colo.)7 p.m. CTStryker Soccer Compex; Wichita, Kan. May 17AFC Ann Arbor (NPSL) vs. Indy Eleven (NASL)7 p.m. ETScicluna Field (Eastern Michigan Univ.); Ypsilanti, Mich. May 10Tulsa Athletic (NPSL) vs. Oklahoma City Energy U23 (PDL)7:30 p.m. CTHurricane Soccer & Track Stadium; Tulsa, Okla.    -or- May 17Boston City FC (NPSL) vs. GPS Omens (Mass.)/GPS Portland Phoenix (PDL) winner7 p.m. ETBrother Gilbert Stadium; Malden, Mass.    -or- DateGameTimeVenue May 10Fresno Fuego (PDL) vs. La Máquina FC (Calif.)7 p.m. PTChukchansi Park; Fresno, Calif. May 17San Francisco Deltas (NASL) vs. Burlingame Dragons FC (PDL)/El Farolito (Calif.) winner7:30 p.m. PTStanford University; Stanford, Calif. May 17Ventura County Fusion (PDL) vs. OKC Energy FC (USL)7 p.m. PTVentura College Sportsplex; Ventura, Calif. May 17Tartan Devils Oak Avalon (Pa.) vs. Louisville City FC (USL)7 p.m. ETRooney Field; Pittsburgh, Pa. May 10Sonoma County Sol (NPSL) vs. Anahuac FC (Nev.)7 p.m. PTCasa Grande High School; Petaluma, Calif. May 10Western Mass Pioneers (PDL) vs. Boston City FC (NPSL)7 p.m. ETLusitano Stadium; Ludlow, Mass. May 10Ventura County Fusion (PDL) vs. Moreno Valley Fútbol Club (Calif.)7 p.m. PTVentura College Sportsplex; Ventura, Calif. May 17FC Cincinnati (USL) vs. AFC Cleveland (NPSL)7 p.m. ETNippert Stadium (Univ. of Cincinnati); Cincinnati, Ohio May 10Carolina Dynamo (PDL) vs. Legacy 76 (NPSL)7 p.m. ETMacpherson Stadium; Greensboro, N.C. May 10New Jersey Copa FC (NPSL) vs. FC Motown (N.J.)7 p.m. ETSaint John Vianney High School; Holmdel, N.J. May 17Fredericksburg FC (NPSL) vs. Richmond Kickers (USL)5 p.m. ETUniv. of Mary Washington Battleground Stadium; Fredericksburg, Va. May 10Chicago FC United (PDL) vs. Grand Rapids FC (NPSL)7 p.m. CTMartin Stadium (Northwestern Univ.); Evanston, Ill. May 17Miami United FC (NPSL) vs. Jacksonville Armada (NASL)7 p.m. ETTed Hendricks Stadium; Hialeah, Fla. May 17Grand Rapids FC (NPSL) vs. Pittsburgh Riverhounds (USL)7:30 p.m. ETPat Patterson Field (Crestwood Middle School); Kentwood, Mich. The Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, recognized as U.S. Soccer’s National Club Championship, is an annual competition open to all amateur and professional soccer teams affiliated with U.S. Soccer. The tournament has crowned a champion for 103 consecutive years dating from 1914. In 1999, the competition was renamed to honor American soccer pioneer Lamar Hunt. May 17Jacksonville Armada (NASL) vs. Boca Raton Football Club (Fla.)7 p.m. ETSouthern Oak Stadium (Jacksonville Univ.); Jacksonville, Fla. May 10L.A. Wolves FC (Calif.) vs. San Diego Zest (PDL)7:30 p.m. PTBell Gardens John Anson Ford Park; Bell Gardens, Calif. DateGameTimeVenue May 9Red Force FC (Fla.) vs. South Florida Surf (PDL)8:30 p.m. ETTropical Park; Miami, Fla. May 17Western Mass Pioneers (PDL) vs. GPS Omens (Mass.)/GPS Portland Phoenix (PDL) winner7 p.m. ETLusitano Stadium; Ludlow, Mass.    -or-    -or- May 16Red Force FC (Fla.) vs. Miami FC (NASL)8:30 p.m. ETTropical Park; Miami, Fla. May 17Carolina Dynamo (PDL) vs. North Carolina FC (NASL)7 p.m. ETMacpherson Stadium; Greensboro, N.C. May 17FC Golden State Force (PDL) vs. Orange County SC (USL)7 p.m. PTCitrus College; Glendora, Calif. May 10Des Moines Menace (PDL) vs. AFC Cleveland (NPSL)7:30 p.m. CTValley Stadium; West Des Moines, Iowa May 17San Antonio FC (USL) vs. NTX Rayados (Texas)7:30 p.m. CTToyota Field; San Antonio, Texas    -or-    -or-    -or- May 17OKC Energy FC (USL) vs. Moreno Valley Fútbol Club (Calif.)7 p.m. CTTaft Stadium; Oklahoma City, Okla. May 17Richmond Kickers (USL) vs. Christos FC (Md.)7 p.m. ETCity Stadium; Richmond, Va. May 10Ocean City Nor’easters (PDL) vs. Junior Lone Star FC (Pa.)7:30 p.m. ETCarey Stadium; Ocean City, N.J. May 10Albion SC Pros (NPSL) vs. Chula Vista FC (Calif.)7 p.m. PTMission Bay High School; San Diego, Calif. ATTENTION SOCCER FANS!The 104th 2017 LAMAR HUNT U.S. OPEN CUP SCHEDULE Has been released and can be viewed below.This year’s winning team will receive $250,000, a berth in the 2019 CONCACAF Champions’ League and have its name engraved on the historic Dewar Challenge Trophy, one of the oldest nationally contested trophies in American team sports. The runner-up will earn $60,000, while the team that advances the furthest from each lower division will take home a $15,000 cash prize. May 10Reading United AC (PDL) vs. Clarkstown SC Eagles (NPSL)7:30 p.m. ETExeter Township Senior High School; Reading, Pa.    -or- May 17Reading United AC (PDL) vs. New York Cosmos (NASL)7:30 p.m. ETExeter Township Senior High School; Reading, Pa. May 17Junior Lone Star FC (Pa.) vs. Harrisburg City Islanders (USL)TBDHome Team TBD May 17Tampa Bay Rowdies (USL) vs. The Villages SC (PDL)/Jacksonville Armada U-23 (NPSL) winner7:30 p.m. ETAl Lang Stadium; St. Petersburg, Fla. May 17Chattanooga FC (NPSL) vs. Charlotte Independence (USL)7:30 p.m. ETFinley Stadium; Chattanooga, Tenn. May 10Derby City Rovers (PDL) vs. Tartan Devils Oak Avalon (Pa.)7:30 p.m. ETWoehrle Athletic Complex; Jeffersonville, Ind. May 17Ocean City Nor’easters (PDL) vs. Harrisburg City Islanders (USL)7:30 p.m. ETCarey Stadium; Ocean City, N.J. May 17Charleston Battery (USL) vs. SC United Bantams (PDL)7 p.m. ETMUSC Health Stadium; Charleston, S.C. May 17Chicago FC United (PDL) vs. Pittsburgh Riverhounds (USL)7 p.m. CTMartin Stadium (Northwestern Univ.); Evanston, Ill. May 10Michigan Bucks (PDL) vs. AFC Ann Arbor (NPSL)7:30 p.m. ETUltimate Soccer Arenas; Pontiac, Mich. May 17Dutch Lions FC (NPSL) vs. San Antonio FC (USL)7 p.m. CTDutch Lions FC Soccer Facility; Conroe, Texas    -or- May 17FC Wichita (NPSL) vs. Saint Louis FC (USL)7 p.m. CTStryker Soccer Compex; Wichita, Kan. May 17L.A. Wolves FC (Calif.) vs. Chula Vista FC (Calif.)/Albion SC Pros (NPSL) winner7:30 p.m. PTBell Gardens John Anson Ford Park; Bell Gardens, Calif.    -or- May 17Atlanta Silverbacks (NPSL) vs. Charleston Battery (USL)5 p.m. ETAtlanta Silverbacks Park; Atlanta, Ga. May 17Rochester Rhinos (USL) vs. FC Motown (N.J.)/New Jersey Copa FC (NPSL) winner7 p.m. ETCapelli Sport Stadium; Rochester, N.Y. May 10OSA FC (NPSL) vs. Sounders FC U-23 (PDL)7:30 p.m. PTSeattle High School Memorial Stadium; Seattle, Wash. May 17Tulsa Roughnecks FC (USL) vs. Oklahoma City Energy U23 (PDL)7 p.m. CTHurricane Soccer & Track Stadium; Tulsa, Okla.    -or- May 10FC Golden State Force (PDL) vs. Outbreak FC (Calif.)7 p.m. PTCitrus College; Glendora, Calif.    -or- May 17Charlotte Eagles (PDL) vs. Charlotte Independence (USL)7 p.m. ETCharlotte Christian School; Charlotte, N.C. May 17New York Cosmos (NASL) vs. Clarkstown SC Eagles (NPSL)7 p.m. ETRocco B. Commisso Stadium; New York, N.Y.    -or- May 17Fresno Fuego (PDL) vs. Phoenix Rising FC (USL)7 p.m. PTFresno State Soccer & Lacrosse Stadium; Fresno, Calif.    -or- First Round                  May 9-10 (PDL, NPSL, Open Division clubs enter)Second Round             May 16-17 (NASL and USL clubs enter)Third Round                 May 31 (Winners of 26 Second Round games play each other)Fourth Round               June 14* (Major League Soccer clubs enter)Round of 16                 June 28* (matches determined by Round of 16 Draw on June 15)Quarterfinals                July 11 (window of July 7-16 available for consideration)Semifinals                    Aug. 9*Final                             Sept. 20    -or- May 17South Florida Surf (PDL) vs. Miami FC (NASL)TBDHome Team TBD May 17Outbreak FC (Calif.) vs. Orange County SC (USL)7 p.m. PTLong Beach State Univ.; Long Beach, Calif. May 17Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC (USL) vs. Colorado Rush (Colo.)/FC Tucson (PDL) winner6 p.m. MTWeidner Field; Colorado Springs, Colo. May 17Saint Louis FC (USL) vs. Azteca FC (Colo.)7 p.m. CTWWT Soccer Park; Fenton, Mo. May 17Chula Vista FC (Calif.) vs. San Diego Zest (PDL)7 p.m. PTEastlake High School; Chula Vista, Calif. Second Round May 17Michigan Bucks (PDL) vs. Indy Eleven (NASL)7:30 p.m. ETUltimate Soccer Arenas; Pontiac, Mich. May 17Sacramento Republic FC (USL) vs. Anahuac FC (Nev.)/Sonoma County Sol (NPSL) winner7:30 p.m. PTPapa Murphy’s Park; Sacramento, Calif. May 10GPS Portland Phoenix (PDL) vs. GPS Omens (Mass.)7 p.m. ETMemorial Field; Portland, Maine First Round May 10Charlotte Eagles (PDL) vs. Chattanooga FC (NPSL)7 p.m. ETCharlotte Christian School; Charlotte, N.C. Related Topics#neosiAFC Cleveland RoyalsLamar Hunt May 17La Máquina FC (Calif.) vs. Phoenix Rising FC (USL)7 p.m. PTSanta Ana Stadium; Santa Ana, Calif. May 17Sounders FC U-23 (PDL) vs. Reno 1868 FC (USL)7:30 p.m. PTSunset Stadium (Sumner H.S.); Sumner, Wash. Vince McKeelast_img read more