Family accommodation has 10.000 beds with a regional quality label

first_imgThe process of branding accommodation and segmenting the offer by region – county began in Istria, which emphasizes the brand “Domus bonus“, Continued on KvarnerIn Zadar County  and is currently underway in Šibenik-Knin County. Family accommodation in the Republic of Croatia is developing on the model of the highest quality tourist destinations in Italy,  Bavaria (,,,,) Austria (,,,, Switzerland (,,).Although this process in Croatia still lags significantly behind the examples in the most successful tourist countries in the world, so far through regional branding projects involved about 1.000 households with a total of about 10.000 beds, so the first effects of domicile recognition are still felt.The basic meaning of regional branding of family accommodation is to preserve the traditional values ​​of the climate as a basis for an authentic destination experience. In addition to preserving the autochthonous architecture, local products, customs, pleasant home ambience, the personal contact of the host with the guest is also nurtured. It is part of the economic model of preserving the rural area from the emigration of the population and a kind of incentive for demographic renewal. Tourism is not an end in itself, and the destination is not a “building plot” for quick earnings of non-domicile “brokers”. Tourism that preserves and valorizes the indigenous lifestyle is becoming more and more sought after and appreciated. We can confirm this ourselves when we embark on a journey with the aim of getting to know other peoples, cultures, customs, eno-gastronomic delicacies, natural and cultural attractions.Finally, tourist intermediaries who have the ambition and knowledge to “package” the offer, have a good “start” with 10.000 beds in combination with other indigenous and specialized experiences in different Croatian regions. It is to be expected that on this basis the authentic Croatian offer will be profiled towards various target groups (families, active holidays, seniors, young people…). It is obvious that we are in the creation of a quality offer of experiences, which includes accommodation, from the very humble beginning. It mainly offers accommodation and a list of possible contents without meaningfully connecting all the elements into an irresistible and price-attractive offer. The good news is that we still have a lot of room for improvement.Nedo Pinezić, President of the Family Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commercelast_img

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